This is time for you to come back to nature. It is because the natural existence nowadays more and more decreased. You can try it for your home design, adding some natural elements can be a best solution to get the maximal nature atmosphere in your home. Like a design which is made by Frank Robert, He makes a contemporary rustic home ideas with a strong natural touch. You can checks it for its designs below.

The first picture you can see, as if you are a king of the jungle. There is a bridge as a small path to go to your home, and it is located beautifully above the river. There is a enchanting garden with full of flowers. It is very wonderful. For the living room you can put the rattan chairs as a sofa’s substitute in order to get a natural look. The wooden ceiling for the kitchen and wooden dining table will complete your contemporary rustic home design.

You can make a romantic campfire in your backyard. You can still enjoy the night time without feeling cold because there is a campfire as a warmer. You can also add some garden lamps to make it more real and give a romantic place for a new couple.


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