The charming Butterfly Beach house in California offers captivating living. It’s due to the stunning interior and exterior which is designed by the ingenious architect. Fulfilled by the luxurious furniture, the comfy ambiance is created. Moreover with green environment, the fresh ambiance adds the serene ambiance. Meanwhile, this homed is designed with square shape to create minimalist style.

On the overhang of this home, you will be welcomed by the swimming pool which is fulfilled by the blue water. You can enjoy the fresh swimming together with the fresh air. Some basking seats are put to provide the cool sunbathing and enjoyable relaxation. Actually, the living room is designed with one building near the swimming pool to get serene vibe in welcoming the guest. With the cheerful decoration, you can have relaxing gathering.

Entering to the other living room which is built in the main building, you will see the mixture of modern and classical style. There are some white sofas which reflect the modern vibe and wooden flooring which spouts the classical sense. Beside the living room, the stunning dining room and kitchen are equipped with wooden furniture. The bedroom and the bathroom are still designed with classical concept which is fulfilled by the modern furniture. Get a cool spot to be stayed with the house like this design!

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