Bathroom is one place after the kitchen that seems to constantly present space related quandary. While it seems like a very perplexed task to do, bathroom is one place that has to be managed with whatever space it is allocated in. Since bathrooms are only left with the space that is left after the design of the bedroom, kitchen, lounge etcetera. Therefore small spaced bathrooms require clever and smart space saving décor and allocating solutions.

Combining aesthetic sense with some expert advice can give you the best space saving solutions that are elegant and worth it. The latest stream of sanitary ware collection will ensure the spacious and exquisite look of your bathroom.

Recently, smaller bathroom sizes have become more common than the large ones. Therefore, to accommodate in that space, many companies in this field have evolved the best space saving solution. They have developed the system of wall hung sanitary equipment accessories that makes your small bathroom look commodious and bigger.

Not only are the wall hung sanitary equipment better in sense of making space but they are also beautifully designed in order to give your bathroom the desired modern look. They lend visual lightness to the toilet and take up very less foot space. These wall hung sanitary equipment have the sleek design and the finesse that one may love to see. There designs have a wide variety ranging from the sleek modern designs to the classical 50’s style with beautiful patterns that are colorful and indeed very appealing.

They do not require a lot of hassle to be installed or fixed. All this system requires is a depth of 12 cm in a wall to get them installed. This trendy solution provides the best of visuals for your bathroom. Furthermore, wall hung sanitary equipment has the advantage of good hygiene as cleaning becomes more easier and dirty areas are easy to reach.
This kind of a sanitary design includes all the important and requisite equipment such as the wash basin the cabinets the toilet seat etcetera.

Although the wall-hung systems are not as major in sale as yet, however, it is becoming more and more popular day by day. To make sure that it works just the same way as it looks and is explained, Georgina Spencer, the marketing manager for Roca, explains that: “The designer needs to consider the structural implications of wall-hung products and choose the correct frame according to whether the product is to be fitted to a solid or a stud wall.”

As soon as the hurdles have been overcome, the wall-hung sanitary ware will have tremendous advantages and will be a growing market and not to mention, it is also a trade up to its floor-standing competitor with it carrying a slightly higher price tag.

Your dreams of replicating a luxurious hotel bathroom are not as far as you may claim. All you need is a good base of hues and the touch of wall hung sanitary system and your bathroom will look nothing less than a luxury restroom.

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