Mid-century design that is combined with Scandinavian style can be a nice way to decorate your interior. The chic design of mid-century and the warm subtle design of Scandinavian style will create new interesting interior theme for your home. Let’s see the example!

The living room with wooden floor, comfy sofa, wooden furniture, planters, and subtle light is a cozy room for you to relax on the house. Wooden surface and subtle light emphasizes the Scandinavian feel on the room. The subtle light on the room can be created by applying small lamps with shade light. You can also apply table lamp with lamps shade that give more subtle light to the room. To bring natural light to the room you can apply small windows glass.

A beautiful planter on a wooden table can give beautiful nature touch to the room. Placing this planter next to a source of natural light can be a good idea to emphasize the nature beauty of it. If you have a living room with wide windows glass that uses curtain with vertical pattern, you can apply wall decoration with vertical pattern and subtle color. This will make a perfect combination that will comfort the eyes. For a bedroom, applying wooden bed and furniture that is combined with windows glass and curtain is a really comfy bedroom with Scandinavian feel. This will make your sleep more tranquil and quality. What do you think?


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