Comfort and beauty have been the top priorities for humans in every almost every sphere of life. The attainment of the aforementioned attributes has been the driving force of various changes that our lifestyle has gone through over the past few decades. Today, our houses are specifically designed to provide us utmost luxury without compromising on the qualities of solace and attraction. Innovation never ceases and has found its way into our homes. Day after day, new and advanced ideas are floated into the market to make a mark in our preferences for a better and better lifestyle.

It isn’t easy to choose from an extensively wide range of options available for home interior and architecture. Cost and feasibility have been two of the most potent hurdles in obtaining a lavish lifestyle. However, nothing is improbable in the world we live in. As opposed to our former days, living rooms need something more than a cosy sofa set and a few low-lying tables here and there. The racks and wall units aren’t as plain as they were preferred to be. There is no dearth of fascinating ideas to add a buzz to our living rooms, which synchronise easily with our aesthetic preferences, augmenting needs and budgets!

Wall units, with a criss-cross of boxes covering the length of one of the living room walls have an exquisite appearance and provide sufficient space to pile up all our favourite books and embellishments without a cluttered array! It’s no different than having a mini library at our very own dwelling. A fireplace facing this rack, intervened by a settee proves to be a rather dreamy one-man reading place.

Independent wall units are easily mobile and look luxurious when placed appropriately in the living room. Gladly, these racks are now accompanied with a support for our TVs and music systems, saving the need for a separate TV desk, giving the space a chic look.
Another unique design for a wall unit consists of a horizontally elongated shelf, covering only half the length of the wall, composed of mini, box-shaped compartments with a central space reserved for our wall-fixed TVs. On either side of this peculiar space, the cabins can be filled with things of all sorts, making the room look fuller and more luxurious.

Rectangular wall units that are specifically used to separate the TV spot from the rest of the wall are common, yet attractive, especially when supplied with appropriately fitted, recessed lighting to illuminate just the right spaces, saving on lighting up the rest of the room when not needed.
Rustic wooden shelf, lying between two horizontal, thick stripes of polished, wooden racks is a classy wall unit designed to satisfy the contemporary urban lifestyle pre-requisites of lesser space, but more appeal.
Floating wooden shelf and wooden racks fixed in the wall just above it, with an alternating design of blocks of wood and wooden compartments are a rare sight which is bound to leave its viewers awestruck with its artistic, yet jazzy display.

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