There are so many books which you have make you sometimes should work hard for the feature of bookshelves. We will not talk about the function of the bookshelves itself. But it is more to the decorative purposes which the installation of the bookshelves should be installed.

There are so many styles of the bookshelves which are in the decorative features. All of them will make your loving room is full of artistic design for the items. For girls, we recommend the pink bookshelves in the square shape.

Actually, it is the simple design of the shelves. But the color in the stripped motif makes it perfect to be installed in the living room for your daughter. You may think that the material of the shelves is made of the wood. But we offer different thing to deal. It is made of the leather so that the installation is easy. The wall does not have to hold the shelves hard because it is not so heavy.

Besides that, we also offer the colorful bookshelves for children. It belongs to the good thing for your kinds for saving the books, comics, and the other kinds of book. You may have the smaller size of the shelves for making your children get the easy way to reach. Of course the installation must be on the low position so that they can reach easily.

For the adult, the espresso bookshelves will make your living room perfect. It offers the elegant look so that it can be combined with the other kinds of installation to the living room. The bookshelves can be double function to the living room. They can be used for waving the books. Then you may also have it as the decorative items if the decoration is made in the interesting idea.