Colaj Café is the first cafe that provide some space for architects, creative mind and artist to share their creativity. This unique eclectic coffee shop located in Brasov Romania since 2012.

Colaj cafe design

This coffee shop also provides you a collage of things culture that you can see there. It is belonging to people’s respect for the past and the people respect to the past is the definition of this Colaj. This Colaj also have some superiorities, they are: workshops, concert, wine tasting and movie night. The owner of this unique eclectic coffee shop is Manuel Teicu. Not only that, but also he is a designer who imagined that this colaj has some visual details, tastes and sounds and those are true.

Colaj cafe interior design

This Colaj eclectic coffee can accommodate 50 people even double with its outdoor terrace. It is amazing, isn’t it? This colaj also provides their guests who want to enjoy their privacy, you can see in the back area, there are a small room but it enough to accommodate couples and groups.  When you are in this coffee shop, you will past half doors before you come in the colorful main room.

cozy Colaj cafe seating ideas

Have you ever found any coffee shop that could remind you with Baroc, Thonet, Jugendstill and Art Deco? This Colaj will remind you about it, even it is the Breuer Replica with old dentist chair and a Panton chair that can make you feel back to the ‘20s. Not only that, but also this colaj has details design, the designer choose the color carefully so that it can explore the connection between both arts and people. It also can provoke the creativity. How amazing it is.

lighting inspiration from Colaj cafe

A desired atmosphere can be found in this colaj because it has spot lights and metal buckets which are hanging like spider structure.  You also can see the gallery spaces in white walls that are in this coffee shop. The things in the gallery shops will change once a moth so that it cannot make you feel bored.

unique table with stylish chairs idea from Colaj cafe

great ceiling perfect wall art stunning lighting for colaj cafe

colorful colaj cafe interior

colaj cafe decoration in colorful style

Colaj cafe interior design

colorful wooden chairs with wine racks colaj cafe

the interior design of colaj cafe

cute things you found for colaj cafe design

unique book menu in colaj cafe

clean look around colaj cafe design

colaj cafe with lighting under the desk and coloful chairs for bar

the bar of colaj cafe

colaj cafe colorful cabinets with unique artwall

colorful chairs in colaj cafe with lighting

exclusive interior in colaj cafe

sofa adds chairs and table look

lovely yellow desk and red chairs with bookshelves in colaj cafe

colorful chairs with different style in colaj cafe

colaj cafe table and chairs with great shelves

colaj cafe black and white toilet

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