Imagining that you have your own home with your design, it must be your biggest dream. You can not just wait for a long time to realize your dream. Like this class is home design, it gives you an old atmosphere when 80’s or 90’s. With some supporting design details, it can beautify every your corners. There are some classic home interior designs to complete your desire. You just take your note which parts you want to apply in your rooms.

At the first picture, you can design your windows to be a large part with a half circle form and fulfill your wall. You make it as a relax place on its edges and put some decorations like flower pots or aromatherapy. For the living room, you can design it with a wooden high ceiling. You can make one large side of the living room to be a big rack. This rack can be used to put your potteries collections, or just some of your lovely things. For the flooring, you can still hold the wooden material to match with the light brown sofa and a wooden cream colored table.

Your home office can be designed to have an old atmosphere. You can see at the sixth picture, there is a white tree decoration without leaves which can be put some small lamps to make a romantic taste. The white and cream colored maybe a domination color for a classic home design.


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