Having a combination of modern and traditional apartment can be a great part of your life, especially if you know what kind of arrangement to make and what to expect from such dwelling. Stunning combination may last much longer allow the owners to not doing any renovation or redecoration in every several years. Another great thing is it enables several elements to be put together.

The Espace St-Denis is basically a residential and dwelling project that is designed and made by Anne Sophie Goneau, a Canadian architect. The apartment itself is situated in Plateau Mont-Royal, which is a borough in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. What makes this residential spot so special is the combination of homey feel with the contemporary and modern touch. In this interior décor, you will still see exposed brick walls. But they are arranged in such good manner so that the final result isn’t only stylish and catchy, but also warm and homey.

In the living room, for instance, the exposed brick wall becomes the main background wall for the TV set. Another natural looking wall is the wooden wall along the corridor which is made from rough wood cuts. And it looks great when combined with the dominant white of the book shelves as well as other furniture. Even the floor is white. The only bright and different color used is the sofa in its dark deep green, which makes it a great focal point of the room. Another example is the kitchen, where the exposed brick wall becomes the background of the kitchen cabinets. With black cabinets and white counters, there is this sophisticated black and white theme, and a hint of traditional atmosphere delivered by the brick wall.

Dominant white makes this spot look clean and bright. With open space design, everything seems bigger, roomier, and wider. And of course, it’s great news that anyone loves to hear.

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