This private house in England isn’t only stylish and classy, but also artistically beautiful. It has all the right blend and ingredients of classic structure, traditional building, and modern touch. It was designed by Found Associates and situated in Cotswolds. What makes it cooler is the fact that it is surrounded by very artistic landscape with all the greeneries, the natural lake, and the lush tall trees. Staying in this house is one of the best moments everyone should enjoy once in their lives. No one can resist such temptation given by this stunning house.

The basic design and structure of the building is quite unique. Indeed, it’s considered simple and colorless but somehow it shows high class beauty. If seen from a far, it seems like there is this one traditional and classic house that has one of a kind extension of modern design. Everything is covered in the natural brick walls – along with the pale colors – but in the extension part, it also comes with big and glass windows, making it contemporary and modern.

Not to mention that the interior side is covered in white furniture, making the whole room classy and simple in such great looking manner. If you cuddle up in the living room facing the glass walls, you can sink in the majestic view in front of you. Who can resist such peaceful and serene where it is only you and the nature? Almost from any area of the house, anyone inside can enjoy beautiful views outside.

The house itself comes in open space design. As you can see from the big living room that is next to the dining room, the absence of partition makes the room look even bigger. And it also incorporates lots of skylights, so natural lights are free to enter. Everything about the place is about harmony and balance.

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