Do you see how exceptional this table is? One of an innovative breakthrough for contemporary design in home furniture! Alcarol designers made a table with imagining the beautiful scenery of Venice, a city of love and water! Then, here is Chimenti Table with its uniqueness designed by those designers who are originally coming from Belluno, a region in Venice, as well.

What is so special about this Chimenti table? First, this table was named Chimenti after the shipping terminology on a ship’s planking. Second, this table is inspired from how three planks pulverized from Venetian bricolas, then there are iconic anchoring symbols sealed in a clear resin. The legs of the table are folded toughen sheeting. An elegant posture is just right there complimenting Chimenti table.

What you must see the most is the tabletop of Chimenti. The fact that you can see the landscape in that tabletop is just brilliant! You can see the perfect colors of ocean and white sands colliding very real. This Chimenti table indeed can be a centerpiece for your home furniture in wherever you put it. The way how this table attracts our attention with its exclusivity is just remarkable, isn’t it? So, what will you do?


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