Having a chic and also stylish loft is certainly a nice thing, especially if there is a hint of exclusivity and luxurious design. It what happens to Bond Street Loft that is designed and created by Axis Mundi Design company. The loft is situated in New York city and it is certainly classy on its segment. It applies the open space concept very well and places various classic items of furniture in every part of the house.

There is great mixture and combination of all different elements. You can see marbles, tiles, and wooden here and there. There are also pillars that make the interior décor stylish and antique in its own sense. The front door is next to the kitchen, and this exclusive great looking separator in its natural grayish hue gives the air or privacy as well as exclusivity. If you walk further into the loft, the living room with pillars as the background and stylish gray couch will greet in warmly. The smart and clever arrangement of cushions and sofa are just great to deliver homey feel. There is no divider or separator between the dining area and living room making the whole area perfect for spending time with loved ones.

There is a nice spot corner with its glass windows and walls with relaxed atmosphere and laid back setting. The spot is also nice for gathering as it comes with sofa and rugs. The glass windows allow natural lights to come in, so there is no need to install lamps here and there. But overall, the lamps and lighting set of the house is perfect.

The kitchen is classy and stylish, with timeless rich dark and brown arrangement. Next to it is the dining room with bench designed chairs and polished wooden table. The bathroom is quite small, but with clever layout of full size mirror, there is spacious effect on it.

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