Making a cheerful condition for your lovely children is your main purpose in your life. One of the way is designing a wall paper sticker to make your children room cheerful. There are some captivating wallpaper sticker models for your children smile. It is provided with some funny pictures, sweet colors and you can also put it anywhere in your children room walls. It is time for you to make your give your children a cheerful impression everyday.

The first picture is a kind of wallpaper with a jungle theme which is sticked above the bed. There are some cute birds with a colorful feather, a rabbit and a squirrel. This can also be a lesson for your children, when you accompany your children go to sleep you can tell a fabel story. Then, you can also stick another wallpaper below the rack and of course you can choose another animals like a deer.

You can make a jungle theme unconciously in your children bedroom. There is also a wallpaper with some tea cups pictures which are pouring a tea to some cups from teapot. A wallpaper with a vintage cars theme for your son like at the picture which is sticked above the bed.


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