A house with great furniture is a desire for all. But the cost is the main problem. But if you have creativeness and enjoy to create things then you can make one of your own handmade table. You can made it with anything you want. Here I made my table with galvanized tubes. Not so many things is needed for this table just some simple things are needed.
• End caps

• Pipes

• Pipe connectors

• A wood plank

Just take an unused wood plank. Stain it with polyurethane if it is needed. Be careful while staining it because it is harmful for skin. After the stain the wood will have a good and antique look. Then take the pipes. Spray any colors you want to give the pipes and obviously contrasting with the wood surface. Now take some screws and connect the pipes with a screw driver with the assigned paths. Let the wooden surface laid down then keep the pipes in the center attach them with screw driver. Just be sure the allotted grooves are attached strongly with each pipe and screws.

Thus you will own a simple but elegant table. The contrast between the wood and black legs gives the table a modern is not also a many space taking table. It can be set in any space in your home and meet the need. You can use it as decoration table or a book table. You can also use it as a dressing table by using an extra mirror on the top of it. In the whole the table can be used as you want to use.

Many people I know will be happy to see this awesome but simple way of making own table. Well the truth is one has to have creativeness to make something. You can also generate some knowledge if you see the DIY projects. You will be just amazed how people turned their imagination in a reality in a project with some simple things. DIY projects helps to build your confidence and creativity to grow.