Do you have any idea in renovating or re-decorating your living room? If you want to have a different atmosphere in the area, you may use the brown and tan living room as your choice. It is a type of living room design that has brown and tan as main colors. The natural color of the furniture will give warmth ambience all over the places. Before doing that, you may use some designs that you can adopt.

To get what you want, you can place the brown pattern wallpaper that has similarity with the pattern of the sofa. The wooden floors of this area can add a natural accent. In addition, you can also place the brown and tan furniture, like table, cabinet, or chair. The brown bamboo will also give the warmth feeling as you get in the brown and tan living room. To create lively touch, you may use the flowery throw pillow on the sofa.

The other design is that by using the wooden ceiling and floor into your living room. The unique shape of the ten tables also blends well with the other tan furniture. Alternatively, you can simply paint the wall with tan color, and use wooden furniture in distinctive wooden color and style. The beige sofa is also good decorating the brown and tan living room. You may add some plants to give fresh air around it.

To create a romantic ambience, you may use the inset lights on the wooden ceiling. The light and the brown atmosphere are just perfect. The other brown and tan living room design is by creatively use the light and dark color of the wooden material of the furniture. The combination of the color will able to keep you, and the guest feeling relax. In addition, these Earth colors can give soothing feeling of the brown and tan living room.

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