Many people like blue and brown color, but have you ever thought to mix these colors up? The blue color represents the sky, then the brown color represents the sky. If you use these two beautiful color at once in your brown and blue living room, you may feel the gorgeous atmosphere. In this case, you need to balance the amount of these colors so that it can look fabulous as our nature.

There are many ways to get brown and blue living room in the right way. One of them is by giving blue and white accent on the walls. The white color on the walls, chairs, carpet and the ceiling can be the neutralizer of these distinctive colors. If you like coastal theme, you can surely give the touch to your living room. You can simply put blue and brown accent in the white themed interior.

The other brown and blue living room you can have is by using the blue damask print wallpaper, light blue and light brown to the other furniture. It will look so fresh and cozy. On the other hand, you can also place the solid dark brown wallpaper and white ceiling that can obviously amaze you. The white themed furniture and a little detail of brown and blue furniture, like the aqua blue throw pillow, paintings, and pottery, and the brown carpet.

Another well proportion of the blue and blue interior is in the design that has blue curtain and throw pillow and brown sofa, table, and floors. That proportion is perfect when you have a white ceiling, walls as well as some furniture. In addition, you can have brown brick accent in one side wall. The texture of the bricks can add the nature feeling in the brown and blue living room.

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