We have all seen those luxurious pictures of elegant living rooms in amazing five-star hotel advertisements. All the elements in a garden inspired living room are elegant and fresh. They make your living room look very vibrant. If you are a free soul and you have an open mind that you must want a garden inspired living room. Well, I have some budget-friendly ideas to make your living room look like one.

Living room decoration doesn’t have to be grand, it should be just right. Just simple and classy things can change its look completely. While choosing the proper colors you should play it safe and choose the one that goes along with the theme well. Like, if you’re going with a garden inspired living room then you should choose green color, there are many shades of green color so you should choose one which suits your living room with the most or which would go along with the other articles well.

Even if your living room looks ugly but it has a good structure, then you can completely transform its look by doing some work on it. You should have a creative vision, after that you just need a few things and be an architect yourself, if you work on it with your heart you will get a good result because hard work pays off. Achieve a lush green look with the help of white wall paint and wallpapers. Give it extra depth and dimensions with the help of decorative accents.

Embrace nature if you are going for a garden inspired living room, mix and match different patterns that go well with the theme. One of the key elements of a garden is the presence of green things. That’s what you need in your living room too, plenty of green things. You can choose any shade of green as long as it suits your living room but go with a natural earthly green as it can easily be implemented and would look dominant in your living room. It will transform your boring atmosphere into something fresh and alive.

The next thing you should do is to add a lot of plants and flowers to breathe some life into your living room. Even if your living room is not spacious, flowers would bring you joy. Fresh cut flowers can be arranged in beautiful and amazing ways and if you’re not allergic to in-door flora, but if unluckily you are allergic to it then go for fake ones. Some floral prints could look nice too.

Add plenty of fresh and bright colors to along with the theme. Touches of creamy yellow, turquoise blue would look pretty great with earthly green color. You can add them in your living room in different ways by choosing the appropriate colors for your draperies, decorative pillows, etc. Finish off the earthly look with wooden accents. Bucolic wooden picture frames and low lying coffee tables can help you achieve a brilliant look for your living room.