If you see this spot from afar, this SW Hill Residence will look like a simple and unique boxy and rectangular house covered in dark gray. The overall setting is simple and not grandeur, but wait until you get to see the interior décor. At the first look, it already catches the attention especially with its colorless but classic concrete wall.

From the outer side, this Custom SW Hills Residence is quite catchy and unique. This project is designed, created, and completed by the one and only Jordan Iverson Signature Homes. The exact location is in Eugene, Oregon, and despite the small and compact design, it is actually quite luxurious and also roomy. It is known for another open space house that uses fewer dividers so that one room to room is more connected.

The house itself is mostly made of solid wood with glass windows and doors. The overall design and built is not ordinary, but it is so stylish and good looking. Simplicity is the main key, and the dark gray color makes everything exclusive and expensive. Not to mention that the arrangement of dark gray tiles also deliver the same exclusive atmosphere on the outdoor setting.

On the indoor, things are still coming with the rectangular and boxy designs. But since everything is paired and matched up nicely, there is strong presence of style and classiness. The living room, for example, with its wooden floor and cool color of white, pale gray, and silver, looks great with dark rich wooden stairs. The partition is smartly designed in open model styling, so the overall feel of the house is roomy, spacious, and wide. Meanwhile, the second floor is made fabulous with sophisticated bedrooms and bathroom.

The kitchen is quite small and compact, but the right color and arrangement of the layout makes it exclusive and cozy.

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