What if blue and gold color meets? There is nothing to worry about that. It is fresh and worth combining. Yanic Simard, one of famous interior designers put a risk on combining those colors but it turns out to be a success to color your lovely kitchen. So, let us see what has been created.

Blue cabinets of Benjamin Moore’s 2062-20 Gentlemen’s Grey dominates the size of your kitchen. However, it does not mean that blue kills all. Even, it stands out other interiors such as marble counter and backsplash. It makes kitchen’s furniture very stunning to be seen. Even, a faucet with a brass touch clears the definition of an amazing kitchen feel. What can you see from the wine rack? Indeed, it is very artistic and very simple. The placing of other interiors with the same tone adds more rhythmic quality of what the designer wants.

This kitchen is a must for you to have. It accentuates classiness, spacious, warm, and modesty. This is what people find nowadays. They want to have a kitchen atmosphere that brings them to laughter and peace. With that, blue and gold design can be your first priority to be on your tomorrow’s list.


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