Many people adore the blue color and thus want to have blue accent living room in their own house. It is a living room concept that use blue as the focal color. This design is believed to be able to create lively feeling. In addition, it is better to give enough daylight in this living room concept. In this case, you can as if you were in a coastal area.

To get the real atmosphere of the coastal area, you may place the bright blue carpet and some wooden furniture and even wooden floors that can give nature atmosphere. The blue accent living room is also amazing when you use some colorful colors on the throw pillows. You can start by using blue painted walls and white framed ceiling to give a balanced proportion. Alternatively, you can merely design the room by place the blue toned sofa as the focal point of your neutral interior.

The contemporary image of the minimalist design can also be achieved by bringing in the royal style of the blue sofa. Even though it is in a minimalist way, you can obviously see the lovely look of the blue accent living room. Similar with this blue themed interior, you can put the blue, royal color as the walls’ color and place the neutral-toned furniture, like brown and white.

The bright color of furniture can effectively boost people’s energy. This is the reason people start decorating their living room in blue accent living room design. The navy color of the walls and the white toned ceiling can perfectly decorate the house. In addition, the classy chandelier can be the focal point that gives vintage feeling in a modern room. The cream color of the floors and some furniture successfully add the elegance of blue accent living room.

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