Japanese architecture always offers something fresh and interesting to the world of home design. The Origami House is one of the examples that show the beautiful work of design. As its name says, the house is designed like an origami craft, a traditional Japanese paper folding art. The house is designed by people of TSC Architects, the architect Yoshiaki Tanaka. It is really interesting. Let’s explore more!

The origami designed is clearly seen on the roof shape of the house. The roof that is designed in interesting origami art covers the house to the ground and only opens the front and the back of the house. Wooden material dominates the house structure. From the front look of the house you can see windows glass and glass door with wooden frame. The terrace with wooden floor and triangular shape of the roof above is comfortable to sit around while chatting with your friends or family.

The interior of the house is bright with much natural light from the windows glass and glass door. The living room with high ceiling and comfy sofa facing to the flat screen TV provides a nice place to relax and watching movie with your beloved one. Traditional metal chimney on the side of the sofa keeps the room in warm. On the back of the living room you can find warm dining room with wooden table and chair with pendant lamp above. It is really perfect place to have dinner with your small family consisting of four members. The modern Japanese kitchen with wooden cabinet and white porcelain surface is really modern and comfy for a cooking place. Modern stove, stainless steel faucet, and modern kitchen tools complete the design and provide a place to cook like a professional chef. What an impeccable interior design!

Bicycle storage on the wall next to the living room besides useful to store the inhabitant’s bicycles it also makes a nice backdrop on the room. Glass panel on the peak of the roof brings more natural light to the interior. It is also makes the interior looks more interesting. It is absolutely a flawless work of design. What do you think?


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