Everyone wants a dining place a beautiful one. They can decorate it with many things. Here are some ideas of simple but beautiful centerpiece which you can use for dining table.

• Wooden Centerpieces:

If you love fresh flowers and rural things then wooden decoration is best for you. It is very simple. Take a leftover wood and make a box like pattern. Then take some jars and fresh beautiful flowers. Place them on the box and place it as a decoration piece on your dining table. It will bring a beautiful and fresh environment on your dining area. You can use more than one box and space per your wish. Also you can use different shape of jars with different color of flowers.

• Unused things as centerpiece:

You can also use other things as centerpiece. You can take your unused bucket and place some flowers in it. Then use it as a different decoration piece. Also you can use an old duct as a decoration piece by design and decorating it. Also an old sprayer can be turned into a vase with flowers. Just reconstruct it. A wine bottle also can be used as a decoration piece.

• Candles as centerpieces:

Candle is considered as a romantic light. It gives a dreamy it can be also used as a wonderful decoration piece. You can use any kind of candle holder as decoration. You can also redesign your unused things in a candle holder. You can also add flowers with candles. It is just awesome.

• Give vase a different look:

A simple vase can also be turned into a beautiful decorative piece. Just play with your creativeness.
In a big vase you can place different kind of flowers and will look awesome. Again you can place some different kind of pebbles as decoration pieces to bring a unique look. You can also use different shape of vase with colorful flowers.

• Different trays:

You can try with tray as decoration pieces. Like if you like wooden thing then take a timber made tray than place vase, flowers or anything you like as decorative piece. For a modern look you can also use metallic tray with white flower with simple base.
Thus you can many things as decoration piece for your dining space and have a wonderful look in your house.

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