The more we open our eyes to this wide world, the more we can be expert in inventing useful things. Stuffs we own don’t always have to be made from gold or copper. We just have to be more aware and playful; we will always be able in making such great stuffs by just using our wild imaginations and provided ingredients. Here is one best example that can forever wow you. Be very creative, be very natural, by taking the advantage of the real tree branches. Having them with you, you can be inspired in making a stunning biomass lights.

Jay Watson is a genius behind this magical creation of tree branches. He’s a décor and furniture designer, yet he is the best thinker since he finally can develop his ability to fill the room with easy hand-made complementing lamp. Watson went to his backyard before finally realized the branches can be amazingly turned into biomass lights. The branches are cut, then, the LED with low-energy-use is put inside the hole. This is literally an awesome invention humans have ever made in decoration history. The look may be simple, but it gives you a nice forest-like scheme and is environment-friendly.

All positive responds are directed to Watson after creating this beautiful biomass lights made from tree branches. The idea is so original, yet it brings stunning impacts in our lives, especially to our home décor. The material used is taken from the nature, so you’ll absolutely have a dramatic natural theme in your room with an interesting blend of modern scheme. You can hang three to six products above your dining table or in living room to taste the organic yet elegant feel of living. The uniqueness and eco-friendly light stands out among others. This lamp is a total one-of-a-kind!


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