Now, the most exhilarating about designing is when you collide the contrast of the things designed. What can you expect from the vessel sink? Previously, you might think that you only need it for water to come down from the faucet. Now, here is the new invention, Penta discovered the visualization of fluid formation if it is designed in the vessel sink.

The present invented design allows clear and solid materials to be the main elements for the creation. Chroma is the part where clear segments exist while Dupon Corian is on the solid ones. The concept of performing these two collision happen when there is a light passing through. With a light outdone, the vessel sink will have a shadow effect on its 3 dimensional formation as well as the reflection sorrunds the sink.

This remarkable design of the vessel sink just adds the new worth trying furniture to be on your priority list. With the fact that this design pricipally adopt nature, it does make sense that you want it to be on your bathroom. You need to make a company for the faucet you have and that is by having this unique vessel sink with distinguished materials.


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