There are many living room designs that show a great power impression of your living room. One of the commonly used designs is the baroque living room. It is a living room design concept that has heavy decorated style. The style was popular in Europe in the 17th century and early 18th century. This concept is by French King Louis XIV that has strong leadership influence. That is the historical reason of the impressive power characteristic.

You can also decorate yours into the baroque living room by using large sized furniture that has a vintage touch in it. The classy painting also a great choice in bringing in the vintage atmosphere. In this case, you may adapt brown themed room that can also bring warmth in. The other option is the gold themed room. It will show the beauty of the room as the stunning color is emerging all over the furniture.

The other way to have baroque living room is by using the crystal chandelier that has the same tone with the other baroque interior. The royal feeling can you get by placing the elegant roof lining pattern that is similar with the sofa’s fabric. Besides those designs, you can also use the darker colors, like dark red, brown, and green. The draperies also play an important point in balancing the vintage touch.

The great thing is that the modern style can be with this baroque living room design. The red velvet upholsteries on the soda can be the focal point of the brown and white themed room. The dark brown wallpaper’s pattern also balances the proportion. The simple and minimalist design can be administered by placing the furniture that combines classy touch in modern style. It will be more gorgeous if it is in the white theme of baroque living room.

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