What about the latest furniture product and room designs filling up your beautiful houses? These are the best furniture product and room designs categorized in February 2014. The first one is small terrace design ideas. For you who have a small terrace, no need to worry and take a peek on these beautiful designs. The key to fill your small terrace is not to fill it with many stuffs, just keep it simple and neat. Coloring more is recommended. Wooden furniture is an exciting choice.

The second design is stylish neutral living room designs. To make your living room spacious, neutral colors are the best. Especially, if you want to color your walls, ensure that the furniture attached are in the same tone, like the sofa. That idea will keep the sensation of roomy and elegant.
The third idea is how you design practical balcony storage. To ensure that your balcony storage is in a good function, just make the space of this storage. Arrange small plants so that they do not eat up the room’s space. This balcony storage will accompany you for a drink or a small garden picnic.

The next one is to design a serene small porch. This design does not require you to be so fully decorate. Just think of something called simplicity. The last one is an airy Scandinavian sunroom design. Indeed, this design allows the sun brightly shines on every corner of your houses. The point of this design is to compose as many glasses as possible.


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