One of the best house in today’s trend is the house in Lille, France. Designed by Fanny and Pascal, this house is so stunning in its modesty. Do yo have an idea that this house used to be an old waffle factory? Here is the makeover that you cannot believe, right?

Setting up a cozy feeling, this house is pretty much inviting for you to stay inside and relaxed. There is a tendency that you will feel this house is very spacious. Indeed, this house is. With the space used in the industrial thing, that also has an impact on how the construction of the house is made airy.

This house also accentuates more bare visualization on its floors, walls, and windows. However, eventhough all home interiors look so bare, they are very harmonizing the rooms’ tone in every possible way. Some furniture is also placed in this house in its rusticity. You can find some rooms decorated in industrial theme, colliding rustic and modern designs. Some rooms are just in untidy details but still simply elegant.

This house represents the most possible action you can do to redesign an old house or factory that can become a minimalist and elegant house. There is nothing you cannot do to bring an artistic touch for your old stuffs as well, because being old does not mean that you cannot renew, right?


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