With a very open and well – ventilated design, these 400 sqm(usually) residences are materialized through a solid wall and slab surrounding the solitary story like an L, with frameless folding glass panes that plainly and melodiously make over the indoor living spaces into outdoor living spaces. A lithely edged skylight cut into the roof block over the living room has a say to this effect, as does the beautiful and unique living room table of red stone, the statues, the indoor/outdoor library of rich dark brown wood thin covering opening towards the delightful landscaping and jacaranda trees.

These modern indoor/outdoor homes usually have a large image size home design, just so you can get pleasure from the feel of ‘beauty’ and the scale of their contemporary design. Here are the five modern indoor/outdoor homes that can help you choose the look of your house and help you choose your own style. The look like a dream, btw :

5) Stunning Energy – efficient Dwelling for Outdoor Recreation
The outlook of this building looks like a sight to see. It’s stone walls add to the oomph factor and the fact that it is energy – efficient adds to the fact that living here would cause minimal pollution. So if you are an eco – friendly person and want your house to be a beautiful spot for outdoor activities, pick a style most synonymous to this.

4) Gorgeous Modern Calabasas ‘Lima’ Residence
This beautiful, present – day Lima house looks surely expensive, because it’s worth it. If you are all big on design and have the money for it, this is your house to build. Created with a complete vision of an ideal outdoor residence in mind, and a complex foundation and striking overall structure, living in this house would be like a dream come true.

3) Ultra comfortable modern residence in Johannesburg
The owner of this believes that a residence should provide ultimate comfort, and if that is what you are looking for – you can structure your house keeping in mind and keeping close to the comfort aspect of it. The soft look of this house means that your days will be spent in a place synonymous to heaven – so if you crave for a soothing residence, go for this one.

2) Scandinavian Muse: Modern Residence in Sweden
This Swedish residence has become my favorite. It’s bold color sequences and sharp design makes the building look powerful and omni-present. If you want to live in a setting which speaks for itself, adopt your structure on this style.

1) Modern Brazilian Residence with Divergent Design: The Carapicuiba Home
This Residence is No.1 because it looks fabulous, it is fabulous and quit honestly – it stands out from the rest. It is build on a different structure, not something found in your usual outdoor residences. So, if you’re all in for a change and a new look, then model your house on this one.