How do your tiles look like? Do you need more uniqueness for your tiles? Do you feel bored with usual patterns that many tiles offer? Graphic tiles from Lindsey Lang’s Collection may help you find your the truest intention to define your house with a personal accent you want to have with the tiles.

There are two types of tiles that Lindsey Lang’s Collection offer; Encaustic and Granito finish. These tiles are made from a smooth marble. Both of them are handmade with available colors in grey, pale yellow, midnight blue, electric blue and mint.

The main characteristic of Encaustic tiles is how these tiles have antique process of the making that adopt Victorian way. The coloration and the patterns of these tiles are timelessly kept in natural tone. The fact that you can rub the tiles after some time with the authentic colors coming back again is just amazing. The other type of tiles is Grani to. With the same process of the making, the difference lies on the colored marble that is used. In these tiles, the patterns seen from the layer are designed from dyed marble and stonework that leave spotted marks on the tiles. Which tiles are you going to have?


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