Such homes with open layout will obviously need to use wall dividers or screens to provide a bit of privacy for some spots inside. One solution is to use fixed partitions or shelves but they will always be there. Regarding this matter there are people who prefer to use wall dividers or screens that can easily be moved or removed once they are not needed anymore.

There are various styles and designs of the screens and wall dividers one of which is the Asian style. It would be a great choice to complete all Asian style interior in your house. As a matter of fact despite its function as room separator it can also be used simply as additional decorations for your interior.

The flexible choices of this could be found on the canvas room divider. There are limitless pictures that you could get from canvas room divider. It is basically like a real canvas of a painter that could be painted with anything. Of course one signature look of any Asian themed or styled item would never be leaving the Sakura Flower. It could only be found naturally in Japan which is located in Asia therefore it is definitely perfect for Asian styled item.

Another idea is the Buddha statue image that is also a kind of Asian signature since it is popularly known or associated with Thailand. Just as Sakura Flowers you can be very creative in using the Buddha image in your room divider. Bamboo Plants image could also be used to emphasize the Asian style as well since it is also associated with one of the Asian countries which is the South Korea.

For a more authentic look you might want to get the real wooden room divider. Wooden room divider could completely imitate the Asian sliding door for a better look of Asian style. Various patterns could also be carved into the wood as well for even better look.