This apartment building is designed by Metaform Architects, an architectural company from Luxembourg. The spot covers around 4,000 square feet of area with four units of apartment. So, you can imagine how vast and wide it is and how complex the arrangement and the design to create harmonious and well balanced outcome. This is one of the apartments with strong taste of graffiti arts shown in almost each room inside.

On the very first floor, the apartment which consists of two bedroom areas is designed and built for family not more than three. It is not overly big or grandeur, and yet it is very cozy and warm. The area is located on the back side of the building and it is designed for well being and intimacy. There is open space slot facing the road for better and clearer view. It is well designed as well as guarantee open and free access.

On the second floor, there are spots for studio. The stairs connecting the first to the second floor are masterpieces. They are artistic and magnificent, matching the overall room setting including the white wall. The place seems to be designed for couples without kids. The apartment is quite narrow and cramped although not overly cramped and the rooms are quite limited. Since it comes with studio model, the only walls available is the one separating the bathroom with the other areas. Furniture, accessories, and decorative stuffs are being used to define border and boundaries.

On the third floor, there is a duplex apartment with its unique and classy design. To make it more natural, there is this sturdy and solid glass ceiling – all of them is covered in glass to allow natural lights to come in, lighting up the dining room and the kitchen. Here, the bedroom is simply stunning with white dominant color and minimalist bathroom.

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