Architecture studio Egue y Seta made a very unusual yet stylish wooden house with an unbelievable sight. Do you have an idea that this house is used to be an old toy store? No one knows, right? This contemporary house accentuates freshness and decides not to portray the old-fashioned accent.

Made from the oak and iroko, this house puts more accent on being natural. The fact that brick and sheet metal are used as artistic touches on the loft made the more natural shades happen. However, when you meet with glass that is defined through the border of rooms, the doors, and kitchen jars, you will feel like this house is so prevailing.

Plants are everywhere to meet the perfect combination with wooden material. Unusual details like cushions stitched in old sacks with some mottos and brands, an old motorcycle, and vintage bottles add more industrial style into this house.

Putting those efforts finally made this house very stylish in an exquisite way. The fact that this house offers you its freshness of nature side, style of modern minimalist, and rawness of industrial ambience create a powerful entity as an unusually stylish modern house ever. Will you adapt the concept of this house?


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