Today we are going to see a unique house design inspired by the elegant animal structure. It is the Tree Snake Houses designed by LuísRebelo de Andrade and Tiago Rebelo de Andrade with the design that resemble a snake. This unique house is located in Bornes de Aguiar, Portugal. Let’s explore!

The house is built on a sloping land with tall leg as the foundation of the house. As its name represent, the house structure is long like a snake. The house facade has snake scale pattern that gives it more interesting look. The peak of the house represents the head of the snake with a wider size. Upon looking at the house at the first time, you will be impressed by the snake structure, moreover the green surrounding emphasize the habitation of real snake. A long wooden bridge is used as the entrance way to the house.

Inside the house, you will find comfortable bedroom and lounge that will spoil the inhabitant relax time. The wide windows glass is provided to give the inhabitant the access to the beautiful nature view outside while relaxing in the bed. Modern table and chair is designed to give a comfy work space inside the house. The lighting system of the house uses LED technology to produce elegant light at night. Interesting, isn’t it?


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