Architect Anna Lotoya designed a kind of modern desk in an ingenious discovery. Lotoya created an Oxymoron desk considering the fact that many working people are just too bored to sit and work in a boring type of desk. So, here is this desk made for. What an innovative breakthrough!

This desk is covered in two alcantara layers made from foam with plywood sheets. The two layers are made to create storage for files, objects and any devices. In addition, you can rest on this soft desk by placing your hands in between. Isn’t creative? You can feel like you do not have much stress over your job responsibilities.

This desk is very considering the needs for people who always work in seats. The designer indeed also tries to make the order for the workers’ tools. It is very unique in its look yet pretty much helpful in taking care the worker’s stuffs. The design itself is very minimalist. This desk can be placed on your home office or even at working places. You can also use it for your studying reason. So, there is indeed a practical purpose that she eventually made this desk instead of only finding a comfortable reason.


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