You may dream of living in a luxurious house, but how if you have to dream having an Old Victorian house in this modern society? That happened to this villa! Located on the ocean coast, you will find a dazzling landscape from this Victorian villa.

What can you describe from Victorian ages? All houses back then were so classical, luminous, and very superb. This villa offers the same feeling you can described from many years ago. You can see from its interiors, like pillars, lanterns, pillar candleholders, and restored furniture. They are elegantly luxurious.

There are large windows for you to see the scenery of the ocean. Some contemporary designs came to the villa’s modern rooms for the need of home theater and radiators. In addition, there are some contemporary sofas with colorful stories on them.

In this villa, you will be indulged with perfect scenery of the ocean in a relaxing mood. With joy and enjoyment, the owner intended to make this villa as a place to feel freedom and be one with nature. That is why this villa represents what modern people need. A bit of isolation near the ocean feel like they own the nature and be themselves.


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