Nowadays, the architecture has rapidly developed. The architects do not merely create the house design in only one style. They have been brave to mix and combine two or more styles even in different era in a house design. If you want to build your house in a different style from the others, you can try the mixed style house of mid-century and modern design. This innovative idea can help you to build a beautiful and comfortable house. This house is designed by combining the warmness of mid-century style and the luxury of the modern style.

The design of this mixed style house is seen in its exterior and interior. In the exterior, the mid-century touch is seen in the existence of some big trees in the backyard and the applying of the wood as the roof and some dowels. You can see the modern touch outside from the luxury swimming pool with minimalist design. There are also some fish ponds which are linked by the path toward the house. The modern impression of interior décor is also clearly revealed through the extended glass wall around the house. It makes you enjoy the view outside where the pools and trees peacefully seem.

The interior of mixed style house also has important role to evoke the comfortable atmosphere. The intense influence of mid-century is in applying the wood in some furniture and the floor of some rooms. It makes your house feel calm, comfortable and convenient. One of the uniqueness of this house is the very high door made from wood which stand from the floor to the ceiling. The modern style can be seen in the luxurious and simple touch of the furniture. The rooms are only separated by a half wall without a door to create an unrestricted view.


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