An epitome of utter perfection, this house, happens to be sited in one of the most expensive places of Hollywood Hills. You will never be able to find another one of its kind when it comes to having a place featuring all that you would need to serve yourself with the marvels of a contemporary lifestyle. Housing a display of unmatched designs and innumerable testimonials of first class architectural skills, this house is bound to have its spectators’ eyes pop right out of their sockets.

With its unique architectural schemes, this mansion of three lavish rooms and four exotic bathrooms speaks for its own delicacy. The tinge of retro to spruce up the modern details of this house is an outstanding idea which further empowers the aura of sheer luxury within it.

This house makes sure that you aren’t captivated by the charm inside, but get a potential chance to stay in touch with the natural. All gratitude goes to the pixelated glass shutters, which with their wide rectangular view make sure that you do not miss the natural awe. Cherry on top, the windows in the rooms give you a vista look across the city. These windows are specifically designed to help you enhance the lustre of this space, specifically during the day when the sun drenches the entire dwelling only to add to its elegance.

The profuse continuation of a blend of glass, metal and stone is a stunner! The design is almost incredible when you examine the details of the tessellate carpeting of marble blocks lining the region around the building, which are in turn intercepted with short, green grass.
The marble staircase is lined with a transparent glass railing, which gives an alluring touch to the entire flight of stairs as they crawl up. The living room houses a Spartan sofa set, with an enchanting glass coffee table in the middle.

Get ready to have your mind blown by the wooden ceiling of this one-of-a-kind house. This light-toned, brown ceiling is finished with a glossy touch, and has circular recessed lighting etched immaculately right into it at regular intervals to brighten up the house in a way to add to its opulence. The white, rectangular joists which run along the walls are another eye-catcher.

An infinity pool and a personal, plush spa; the comfort offered by this place is unending and completely satisfying. Water gushes down a hodgepodge of stones, each coloured in a different hue of brown, right into a pool of crystal clear water.

The rooms, in particular, have a very retro touch especially when we talk about the furniture. Dark brown, sturdy bed and side tables are placed in the centre of the room, over an attractive rug. Table lamps seem to be an exquisite addition. Glass panels run along the length of the wall, just in the space between the ceiling and the wall. The rooms don’t need anything else, thanks to the window which displays the view of the entire city of lights.