Do you want to have an authentic lively kitchen like the one described in several pictures below? Then, you must see how Lisiane Scardoelli and João Pedro Crescente designed this fun live-in kitchen! This kitchen is very different than the usual kitchen you have ever seen. What makes this kitchen different is from the angle of the kitchen that accentuates more urban arts that is collaborated into every detail of the kitchen.

The lighting is installed in an innovative approach that you do not even realize that this is a kitchen. This kitchen is basically divided into two spaces, the first space is the dark grey volume that is designed to have high functionality while the other one is intended to put more artistic tone. The entrance is made in two ways. You can make an entry through a bar-like entrance or you can enter through a built tunnel.

The kitchen is decorated in a very nice combination of kitchen appliances, furniture and necessary accessories. The artistic neon fully signifies the presence of fun and lively kitchen. There is LED lighting that beautifies the atmosphere. If you love these inspiring ideas, why don’t you try to adapt some of them? That would be terrific!


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