Australia, a great place to live. The country is now one of the richest and finest of all. The buildings in Sydney, the capital of Australia are eye catching and modern. All of the flats of the buildings are made with bright colors. This apartment which is located in Sydney was designed and completed by the famous Australian designer Nicholas Gurney which is finished in 2013.this apartment Measures only 27 square meters in whole, this studio like apartment newly got a stunning makeover which set an inspiration for the future architecture for high-populated civil areas.

The project known as “Mighty Mouse Apartment” and alike the imaginary cartoon artist, it looks small but it can take over load. The renovation of the mini apartment by the renowned designer was impressive in many more way. The First impressive feature is the use of color. Though the color panel is simple but playful and daring, it is like the cartoon character that motivated the project. Shades of red, yellow and black help to separate the areas and give the flat a refreshing and bright look. The kitchen is painted black, the sleeping space is brilliant red and also there is a bookcase which is yellow in color.

Both the bookcase and the bedroom can be separated by the white sliding doors by sending them behind when the spaces are not necessary. Because the studio had limited dimensions of space, the designer had to be artistic. Movable panels allow entrance to different spaces while hiding the other rooms or spaces and by this process the whole decoration remains clean, fresh and breezy at all times. Closet is also can be hide by movable doors and cupboards for storage.

The sleeping room is the most amazing space, full of surprises and fun. There is enough storage behind the panels which are red, also space under the bed and a corner in the wall which can be used as a night table and open cupboard. The apartment at the first look may look small but as you discover the amazing designs of this mini but innovative apartment you will die to own it.