This awesome home is situated in country area named Ballarat in Australia. It is designed like 80s interior design. The design has done by Moloney Architects. This house comes with two bedroom and a beautiful frame construction.

The living spaces are connected directly to landscape by the moving doors.
An impressing fireplace with woodpile storage designed into the aiding structure which dignifies the lounge place. Big windows and accelerate doors open to outside also and let light enter in the area.

The kitchen has custom cabinetry decoration all over the set of thin flat windows. The kitchen looks like a bar. The chromed concrete deck and the most important use of white set in exciting way is awesome. The wooden ceiling and wall plank make a better decoration and makes the area very attractive.
The dining space is made with modern design. The wooden panel and beams gives an extraordinary look in the kitchen area and makes it inviting place. The big windows is extra benefit of the kitchen keeps a fresh environment.

A cute little working space is made in the corner of dining space. And it can be hid behind the sliding door. This unique design gives an awesome look in the home.
A steel and wood made staircase gives access to the upstairs room. Under the staircase there is an armchair and it is used as reading area.
The upper area contains two big empty spaces which combines the different functions. One is located above the entrance and the other space is above the drawing space. This helps a strong connect among the floors.

The sleeping spaces are all formed in a line to take benefit of the northern view. They’re plain and are designed with the same materials which are used in the living area and outside space. Here some wooden material are also have been used.
The washrooms are bright, has white furniture and walls, big mirrors and translucent glass bath. They also have big windows and modern design that adds simple but amazing accent appearance.