There is a cottage in the Alpine, Kitzbühel, Austria that is very accentuating its wooden barns in the middle of mountain hamlet. Designed by Vienna Design Collective, this 3-storey house is called The Barn as it is exactly made from wooden barns, not brickwork or something else.

There is a practical design that is very suitable for this cottage. You can see a sloping roof that is not very severe in the upper part of the cottage functioning as a preventing formation for large drops of snow.

You can also see how with its traditional accent, The Barn has met its contrast in its home interiors. Most of them are from modern designs that fill up the cottage in an elegant feel. Plus, it also gives more insights how spacious the cottage feels. Some rooms are designed in colorful tone with a light color of wooden agrocultural barns.

You will feel the warmth inside and how this cottage might provide you with its collided era of design that is very cool. There is a wood-burning stove that is situated between the kitchen and the dining room. The doors are made of glass to show the way to a terrace. Isn’t it amazing?


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