Do you have an airy living room? If you do not have airy sensation, then a Scandinavian interior design is a solution for you. A Scandinavian design for your living room will eventually bring a calming sensation. A neutral tone is very great to create your living room in a modest elegance. So, how can you decorate your living room?

Choose undemanding colors like beige, brown, mint, black, and white. Then, wooden or stone material can be included as a natural touch for your living room. Minimalist accent for your living room’s furniture and accessories can be your way to make your living room fresh for your eyes. If you want to put a heart in your living room, then add warmth in the middle of your living room with a fireplace.

Some styles match a Scandinavian design. You can adapt modern minimalist, industrial, retro or vintage, boho and shabby chic. Those styles will accentuate your living room in each character they have. For example, if you want to make your living room relaxing, adding boho or shabby chic is a perfect choice because it accentuates how you randomly put your furniture and accessories in its shabby elegance. Indeed, each character defines your preference in decorating your living room.


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