The Republic of Panamas largest and the capital city is Panama City.
Panama’s old area also known as Casco Viejo, is famous for unique architectural frameworks. These designs were built while constructing Panama Canal.
You can get designs with Spanish colonial buildings, also of Antillean and French townhouses. There are many historical buildings found in Panama City.

Many of them are re-constructed with modern and antique look. This duplex with two-bedroom suite is located in Panama City. At present this apartment is on sale and the selling price is $410,400.This apartment is amazing for its design. The flat is in an ancient building in Casco Viejo which are in the 3rd and 4th floors .The flat was constructed with great care and design. The interior design gave some beautiful and amazing designs.

With the design of exposing walls of stone, the age of the flat can be assumed that is in some date in 17th century. In 2011 this ancient building was revolved into an 8-unit apartment structure and the apartment was also modernized. The space is like loft-style and it features has stunning new and modern looks. The flat has ac system and that is central, also included sound system and automatic sun shades which protects from skylights. The walls are made with stone and the floor are enhanced by tiles.

This design resemble of wood piece and this texture make the space warm and alluring. The drawing room has doors which is known as French doors, they opens into a balcony and from balcony street view is beautiful. The kitchen is the one only separated room, and it is separated by the concrete island from the drawing room. The bedroom is located on the balcony level. It has a decorated bathroom and an arranged closet.

This flat has another bedroom. All rooms are arranged and decorated with modern style. The most amazing part is this flat is situated in the best location, it is close to dancing clubs, shops and restaurants. Also there is a coffee stop and a bar on the ground floor of the house. It is just an amazing apartment in an amazing place.

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