family room

Planning a family room or getting it renovated, and then there are many ways of adding more warmth and charm to your family room. This is the most favorite place for your kids &for you, as this is the space where you spend quality time with family, chats, dine together or discuss about your kids. Family rooms generally are the places that witness togetherness and love in the family ties with each other.
When we talk about family our hearts fills with memories, memories of warmth and love so we try to create that outlook through various interior designs.
So here are the tricks that can help you in getting those feelings depicted at your place.
The most important is personalizing it.
Family room dissipates memories and love; this can be easily done through putting lovely family pictures of weddings, weekend gateways, childhood pictures and keeping them in stylish and well organized manner.
Family Room
Defining the area
Most of the times , the family room comes as a separate room but if this is not or your family room is a part of open floor plan then you can use a nice threaded area rug that can very well define family area giving a cozy feeling adding to stylish look.
Family room
Ventilated Room
Family rooms that are connected to courtyard or a balcony or lawn gives the most warm and family feelings. Sometimes ample amount of sunshine peeping you from the doors add more beauty and warmth to entire space. Fresh breezy place to chat and enjoy weekend evenings are way much treasured.
family room
Warmth of lights
The way of putting and using lights in a room says a lot about it. You can use a hint of yellow light or chandelier, sconces or any other decorative material. The lights should not be very bright or overdoing with the entire décor.
family roon
Minimal is the new style
Family rooms should not look like a dump zone for the entire house as the more it is cluttered the more heavy and dull the entire area will look. Family rooms are supposed to be minimally decorated, the most personalized and elegant things should be used to add style to family rooms. Family always requires space, space in relationships as well as in rooms. Go for old family pictures that remind you of important people in your life and use arm chairs or recliners to make them more comfortable.
Connecting the spaces together
Most of the houses have open area floor plan where you have much of space with fewer walls in the house. You need to tie together the spaces by using the right piece of furniture. Like in the picture below this furniture gives the entire space more connected look.
Styling it in more casual way
Family rooms are meant to be comfortable and casual rather than decorated, go for casual cushions, curtains and rugs that add more casual and chic style rather than giving them a formal look.
family room
Family room means family time
Make sure while renovating or planning a family room , don’t use more gadgets like televisions or music systems as these things kill family time, you can think of putting a fire place that adds warmth where you all with sit and chat for hours making the most of this time.
family room
Vintage Family rooms
Family room often depicts the culture of the family, traditional values it has and the ancestral stories. Most of the times the preferred look for the family room is decided to be vintage that brings the best of décor and use of old furniture with a hint of modern style. Age old carpets can be used to give that vintage look with ethnic chandelier mounting on the top like in the picture below.
family room