We know that house designs in Japan are very sturdy. It is because they must keep their home from earthquake, that is why they like to use solid and wood material as the basic material for their housing. They say that it can give a big guarantee for their house to avoid the broken house. So, there is a solid design idea for your sturdy house to get a big benefit like Japanese use theirs solid design.

Designed by Sebastian Mariscal Architect, it show you a sturdiness of a home. You can see from the home face, the designed is consciously made from a wooden basic material. The down floor can be used for an open living room. When you have a relax time with your family, you can also make a barbecue party. Whereas for the up floor you can use for your bedroom, bathroom or kitchen.

You can utilise the down floor for the wedding party, so you can save your money to rent an expensive building. The black flooring made from stone as the basci material is used to adding a solid atmosphere in the down floor. You can see its sturdy poles which stand in every corner. You can not miss this design.


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