Let us think out of the box and make an imagination of what kind of table that you want to be placed as a home décor? What about the unpredictable set of Cloud tables designed by Nendo? Particularly designed for Moroso, the original thought for creating this table is the existence of cumulonimbus clouds that once were snapped.

This set of tables consists of three different levels and sizes in a dotted pattern. It is very exclusive in its design. You can have the tables placed in any formation. If you want to accentuate the look, then stacking them up in your own taste is the alternative way. However, if you want to make every table useful, then you can separately use the tables for your individual needs.

The design of these tables puts an accent on being minimalist. The simplicity of this set of tables is also represented by the color and the shape. One thing that we can notice, this set of tables is very suitable for the need of modern society. Modern society mostly lives in a small house or apartment that they rarely include big home furniture. The Cloud tables can be a solution for the demand of this modern society. The society needs home furniture that is space-saving.


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