Nowadays many creations around the world are invented to give a useful thing for human life. One of the ecample is a chest, we are used to just know a chest which is used for the weavy equipments like hammer, saw, or srewdriver. Sometimes, we know that a chest just put in the back of our warehouse. That fact is not happened again for a new modification of chest now. It is because the chest can used for your storage like maybe your books, your important things and etc.

This modification is created by Vanpey. You can take a look at the first picture. There is a hanging chest made from light brown wood. You can see that it has two slider casings whicih you can also put some of your things like phone book, case or apples. You can find your things easily because it is hung clearly on the wall. The second picture shows you that you can make a hook under the chest to hang your bag. It is very useful for spacing space around your bedroom.

The fourth picture is the white version which a little bit has a feminine taste and also appropriate with the white wall paint. The inner part of the chest is also can be seen at the picture, there is a red layer in the chest. The other variation color of the chest is a green one, it is up to which will you choose as long as good for you.


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