Finding a house with modern design on a rural area is like finding water on the desert. We happen to experience it recently. We found a house with modern design on a rural area in in Torremocha de Jarama, Spain. It is Casa Torremocha designed by Otto Medem de la Torriente.

The house has modern design with rectangular structure. The exterior of the house uses apiary stone facade to make the house blend with the rural landscape around. Wide windows glass decorates the stone facade. The house structure with stone facade looks solid and stunning on this rural area. The high terrace of the house provides a comfortable place to enjoy the surrounding and the mountainous view in front. Going inside, you will find a comfy living room with modern sofa and wide windows glass. You can relax and rest in this comfy living room while enjoying the outside view. A wide flat screen TV serves the entertainment need of the inhabitant.

A lovely dining room with wooden table, read chairs, and pendant lamps in red and white is really lovely for your dining place. The modern kitchen with LED lighting system on the top of the backsplash gives elegant light decoration to the kitchen. Modern bathroom with tiles wall, bath tub, and marble surface on the cabinet really feasts the eyes. The inhabitant can enjoy bathing in the tub while overlooking the outside view through wide windows glass. The terrace with table and chair makes a comfortable outdoor room for the inhabitant. So, what do you think about the house design?


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