You must see a wonder of a contemporary house in Wollongong, Australia. Originally designed with a lively feel, the designer made the first floor open to nature with only glass covering. Then, the second floor is designed like a display place on steel legs. It is such a stunning look from outside. Then what about the exquisiteness from inside?

You can see how the interiors are designed in a way that makes the owner comfortable. There are many ornamental brick walls, natural wood and lights. What is more to be mesmerized by is how the home furniture, colors, and patterns are not the dominant aspects from the house; it is merely about the textures. Isn’t simple yet very stylish?

There is one more unique thing, there are some rooms that are merged to get a lively tone. The kitchen and living room are designed in one merging area. The bathroom is also created by integrating the bedroom. You can see how lively these rooms will feel, right?

This modern house does not always reflect to what we call so isolated from nature. This modern house really loves nature and it knows how to define a beauty of the nature itself. What is so great about this house is how many open spaces in the house that directly see outside scenery.


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