Do you have an idea to make a soft ambience into your terrace, living room, or balcony with only a table and a chair? Ian Walton and Marcel Twohig know how to do them well. Let us take a look at their part of Collection 01 in the in-house NTN first product. They designed Hammock Table and Dowel Chair that are so cool with a simple touch.

The secret of this amazing table and chair is the concept that covers these wooden table and chair with soft fabric. The focus of these two home furniture is even on the fabric material displayed. In the table design, for example, there is a hammock-like in the lower part of the tabletop made from fabric that is pendant by rope. In the chair design, you can see fabric backrest that can be detachable whenever you want.

For the functionality itself, the hammock-like fabric under the tabletop can be used as a place to put your books, newspapaers or magazines, even you can hide small items that no one will notice that. Available in bright colors, this Hammock table and Dowel Chair are the centerpiece of modern home furniture that accentuate the essence of minimalism.


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